Difference between executenonquery executescalar executereader in c#

When to use Executereader Executenonquery Executescalar?

In this blog post I will explain about Ado.Net SqlCommands  and what is the difference between executereader executenonquery and executescalar. 
  • ExecuteNonQuery in C#
ExecuteNonQuery method will return number of rows effected with CRUD (INSERT, DELETE or UPDATE) operations. This ExecuteNonQuery method will be used only for insert, update and delete, create, and set statements.
  • ExecuteReader in C#
ExecuteReader will be used to return the set of rows, on execution of SQL Query/Stored procedure using command object. This one is forward only retrieval of records and it is used to read the table values from first to last.
  • ExecuteScalar in C#
ExecuteScalar will return single row single column value i.e. single value, on execution of SQL Query or Stored procedure using command object. It’s very fast to retrieve single values from database.

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