How to remove mysql service from windows 7

Removing a MySQL Service FROM Windows

Here I will tell you all about to remove or delete MySQL service completely from windows using a single command. Follow the following steps:

Steps 1- Click on start button - > Type cmd

Uninstall and Reinstall MySQL, Removing a MySQL Service

Steps 2
- Right click on the cmd program from the programs list and select Run As Administration option.

Steps 3 - Execute the sc delete MySQL command.  (where MySQL is the name of service)

how to delete/remove/uninstall MySQL service from windows-7

I hope this will help you out.


  1. And what to do for restarting this service?

  2. To restart the service you have a options:

    Create a new instance for MySql using MySQL server instance configuration wizard from Start Menu -> All Programs->MySQL->MySQL Server 5.1-> click on MySQL server instance configuration wizard option.


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