ASP.Net - What is Session Variable? | How to kill a session?

Session Variable - C#

A session object stores information or change setting for a user session. Session variables are stored in a SessionStateItemCollection that is exposed through the System.Web.HttpContext.Session property.The collection of session variable is indexed by the session variable by name or by and index.

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Find the below example to  create session variable for first and last name of a user and sets them to value retrieved from TextBox controls. Session variable can be any valid .Net type like ArrayList, Datatable

How to create a session variable in ASP.NET?
Session["FirstName"]= txtFirstName.Text;
Session["LastName"]= txtLastName.Text;

Retrieve/Get value from a Session
string Fname = Session["FirstName"].ToString();
string Lname = Session["LastName"].ToString();

How to kill a asp.net session by session id?

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