Make a map with Google Fusion Tables


Make a map with Google Fusion Tables

Fusion Table Example - Map KML Layers

Fusion Tables is a modern data management web application making it easy to host, manage, collaborate on, visualize, and publish data tables online. Follow the steps below to upload your own data to Fusion Tables and create a map. 

Using Google Maps API we can display different types of layers below:-
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Maps with Layers
  • Kml Layer
  • Heatmap Layer
  • Fusion Tables Layer
  • The Traffic Layer
  • The Transit Layer
  • The Weather and Cloud Layers (Library)
  • The Bicycling Layer 
  • The Panoramio Layer
  • The Demographic Layer  
Read more about Google Fusion Table API and How to create fusing table online and use it in web applications. In this article I will explain about how to make a map with Google Fusion Table. Google Maps supports the KML and and GeoRSS data formats to visualize geographic information.

Visualize Fusion Table (.KML Layer) on Google Maps

Find the fusion table example and source code below :-

         function ShowLayer() {

            layer = new google.maps.FusionTablesLayer({
                query: {
                    select: '\'geometry\'',
                    from: '1WV5tK0OkWeAxNqXkoqKwAxqucdcZnfhIseuZCZk'

Remove Fusion Table (.KML Layer) from Google Maps
        function RemoveLayer() {

Conclusion : It was fun in learning and writing an article on Fusion Table. I hope this article will be helpful for enthusiastic peoples who are eager to learn and implement some interesting stuffs in new technology. 
Please feel free to comment your opinion about this article or whatever you feel like telling me. Also if you like this article, don't forget to share this article with your friends. Thanks!
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