How to create a .MAP file from MapInfo .TAB file dataset? - Quantum GIS

In my previous articles I explained What is about Map File? - Map Server, ASP.Net - Openlayers Architecture, About WMS - Web Map Server. In this post I will explain how to create MAP file for MapInfo .TAB file data. Follow the steps below and make sure the QGIS 1.7.4 tool installed on your machine.

How to create a .Map File - QGIS

  • Step1: Run QGIS 1.7.4
  • Step2: Click on Add vector layer.

How to create a .MAP file from MapInfo .TAB file dataset? - Quantum GIS

  • Step3: Source -> browse Dataset- select a .tab file and open it.

 After open the Dataset:

  • Step4: Go to Setting -> Click on Project Property -> select a coordinate reference system from the list : WGS 84 -> click ok.

  •  Step5: Go to Layer -> click on property-> Click on old symbology -> OK

  • Step6: Before creating a Map file just save the project.
  • Step7: Go to Plugins -> Map server export -> Click on Map server export

Configure Map File:

  • Step8: Set the Map name, select image type .png, width, unit- click Ok
  • Step9: After that open map file and remove fontset and symbol set.
  • Step10: Set your localhost url  'ows_onlineresource'  'http://localhost:802/cgi-bin/mapserv.exe?map=C:/Users/lepton/Desktop/My Docs/Development/GIS Testing/Delhi_State_Locality.map'
  • Step11: Add 'ows_enable_request'   '*' to enable all features.
  • Step12: Now change the DATA './Delhi/DL_LOCALITY.TAB' to  CONNECTIONTYPE OGR  CONNECTION "C:/Users/lepton/Desktop/My Docs/Development/GIS Testing/Delhi/DL_STATE.TAB"


Now check your url in browser http://localhost:808/cgi-bin/mapserv.exe?MAP=C:/Users/lepton/Desktop/My Docs/Development/GIS Testing/Delhi_State_Boundary_.map&LAYERS=ALL&MODE=MAP

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Click here to download the sample .MAP file ..
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