What is .GRD file? - MapInfo


What is .GRD file? - MapInfo

Vertical Mapper (MapInfo) Grid/Clutter Files

In my previous articles I have explained What is about Map File? - Map Server, How to create a .MAP file from MapInfo .TAB file dataset? - Quantum GIS and many more. In this article I will explain about MapInfo .GRD (Grid) file.

GRD is the file extension for Arc/MapInfo ASCII Grid files. You can read .GRD (Grid) and .GRC (Classified Grid) raster files in MapInfo, Vertical Mapper tools. 

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GRD files are especially useful for the wireless sector of the industry that may currently use MapInfo or RF network planning tools that output in the .Grd/.Grc format. Grd file always be in a raster data format.

For more documentation download the developer guide of Pitney Bowes  http://reference.mapinfo.com/software/mapxtreme_windows/english/7_1_0/MapXtreme_DeveloperGuide.pdf

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