What is SQL Server? - An Overview | SQL Server Tutorials


What is SQL Server? - An Overview | SQL Server Tutorials

SQL Server tutorial for beginners

  • Sql Server is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Sql Server is built into client/server system. It helps the database to reside in a centre computer which is known as server. This data is shared among different users which is known as client.
  • It's a multi-threaded, multi-user database
  • It is a specialized software used to store, query and manage the business data.
  • It can be used for both OLTP and OLAP database
  1. OLTP is On Line Transaction Processing : A user can continuously update the data with fully normalized base for data consistency. The replication is very easy in this.
  2. OLAP is On Line Analytical Processing: Normalization is not required for consistency. The replication is very difficult.

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SQL base database is used to store and organize the enterprise application. These application supports the daily operations of large companies.

How SQL Server works?

  • Implementing applications using a distributed client/server architecture.
  • The server act as the link between 'front end' computer system for user interaction and 'back-end' system specialized for database management.
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SQL Server Architecture

  • The client runs on multiple computers.
  • It is also run on server computer with SQL server
  • User interact with server database by using a client.
  • All the data in the server is stored as a file and the access to the file is controlled by a single master program (SQL Server)
  • SQL Server manages database and allocated the available server resources (such as memory, network bandwidth, disk operations) among multiple users requests.

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