GME - Google Maps Engine Data Flow Diagram


GME - Google Maps Engine Data Flow Diagram

In my previous article I explained about GME (Google Maps Engine) - What is GME?, Working Process, Key Capabilities of Google Maps Engine. Here in this article I will explain Data Flow Diagram and Services launched by Goolge. 

Data Flow Diagram

Find the graphical representation (DFD) of Google Maps Engine below, It will let you know how our data flow in Google Maps Engine (GME):

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Google Maps Engine is basically good for following things:-
  • Imagery (Especially if they have lots of it)
  • Vectors  
    • Big or small
    • More static than dynamic
    • Less interactive applications

But you can have dynamic data and interactive applications.

  • Use the API (100,000 features when accessed by the GME API)
  • Use KML URL layers
  • Use DynamicMapsEngine layers

Google Maps Engine Services

Google have launched following enterprise services:-
  • GME API with Enterprise Service Level Agreement.
  • DynamicMapsEngineLayer Maps API client side rendering and events for GME vectors
  • Custom Icons
  • Larger Vector Tables
  • CSV Geocoding, Data Editing
  • Portable Off-line Maps
  • Imagery Referencing Tools (Easily position and reference your floor plan or other imagery data)
  • Thematic Styling (Using colour ramps)

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