.Net - All About OBOUT Grid Control


.Net - All About OBOUT Grid Control

Introduction to Obout Grid

In the previous articles I explained about Export C# Datatable to Excel Spreadsheet Css Style, Merging GridView Header Columns/Cells.

I like Obout Controls for their simplicity and functionality. They have pretty good documentation and samples of almost everything. And they cost a fraction of price than others (Componentart/Telerik). 

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Obout Grid Features

There are following cool features below:
  • Handles millions of records in less than 2 seconds
  • Supports Simple sorting and Multi-column sorting
  • Grouping the records. Displaying information for each group
  • Built-in add/edit/delete actions, all done seamlessly with ajax.
  • Filtering based on different criteria.
  • Templates for displaying data, Add/Edit controls, Filter and Row Templates.
  • Built-in AJAX (no coding needed)
  • Fast and flexible tree view to manage your hierarchical data.
  • Styles all can be customized with CSS

How to Add Obout controls to Visual Studio Toolbox

Each control comes with various styles, images, localization files. You need to copy these folders to your project to make the controls work correctly. Watch https://www.obout.com/inc/tu_add_component.aspx video tutorial to add Obout components in Visual Studio. 

For more documentation please visit http://www.obout.com/grid/ 

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