Difference Between Agile and Waterfall Methodologies | SDLC


Difference Between Agile and Waterfall Methodologies | SDLC

There are many ways to develop software applications but two of the most prominent methods like waterfall and agile methodologies. This article focuses on a brief comparison between Waterfall and the Agile model of Software Development. This is a topic that gets a lot of discussion and debate.

Agile Methodologies Vs Waterfall Methodology

Both of these are usable, mature methodologies. Having been involved in software development projects for a long time, here are my thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of each methodologies.
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Waterfall or Agile?

Agile Methodologies

Generally preferred when:-
Waterfall Methodology

Generally preferred when:-
Dealing with rapidly changing environment.
Dealing with not so quickly changing environment and product to be delivered is well understood, there is substantial industry practice.

When requirements and scope are difficult to define in advance.
When requirements and scope do not change frequently. Changes in scope may be there, but then they require formal acceptance.

When it is possible to define small incremental improvements that deliver value to stake holders.
When a product is required to be delivered in full to have value to stakeholders.
When there is active engagement customer/stakeholders.
- Not much active engagement of customers/ stakeholders

- Preferred in Contractual projects

- Customer is more open to costing in respect to the changes

Making the Choice Between Agile and Waterfall

Both the Agile and waterfall methodologies have their strengths and weaknesses. The key to deciding which is right for you comes down to the context of the project.

Success Rate, Making the Choice Between Agile and Waterfall
Agile vs Waterfall Development
I hope you will enjoy the tutorial while comparing software development process model: Agile and Waterfall. I would like to have feedback from my blog readers. Your valuable feedback, question, or comments about this article are always welcome.

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  1. Nice piece! Short and sweet; I was just wondering where you got your Agile vs. Waterfall Development Success Rate data from as it seems rather reasonable, but would be interested in seeing whether there's an actual study that stands by it.


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