Functional Language Comparison


Functional Language Comparison

This article is majorly targeted for freshers who are very much new and want to understand functional programming vs object oriented. It is very useful for the seniors who want to do a quick revision and who also want to understand new kind of features provided by .Net Framework from Object Oriented Programming prospective.

What are the problems with Functional Programming?
There are basically four problems with the functional programming listed below:-
  • Re-usability
The first problem is re-usability the same function or the same logic is copy pasted in different sections of UI.
    • Extensibility
    Now the second serious issue of functional programming was extensibility because there is no way we can take up a current function and extend it.
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      disadvantages of functional programming
      • Simplicity
      We talked about the limited re-usability provided by functional programming, talked about absolutely no features provided in terms of extensibility and because of these two issues we land up in a very complicated code or in other words we land up with the very cluttered code which scattered across project, various files and that become very difficult to maintain. 

        • Maintainability
        Let me just talk about the Maintainability thing because that's a important and interesting part which we need to understand. Whenever we talk about the software projects its very important to understand that you will get more return of investment if your software project run for the longer time for example let see you make up a accounting application, now if your accounting application run for 1 year and than after that you say this accounting application is not able to adapt, it is  not able extend, I cannot really reuse it. So you scrap this project and make a new one but let say that you made that accounting application proper with high re-usability, high extensibility so you can run your application more than 6 years and with this your return of investment is much better. 

        So if you do not implement object oriented programming properly in your project it really hurts your finance at the end of the day so that is a very important aspect to understand.
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