Session State in


Session State in

What is a Session?

A session is the duration of connectivity between a client and a server application. session state enables you to store and retrieve values for a user as the user navigates pages in a Web application. 
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SessionState Mode in

There are different types of sessions state mode in such as In-Proc, State-Server, SQL Server. Let me describe in brief.
  • In-Proc - In this mode of session, state is stored in the memory space of the aspnet_wp.exe (worker process). This is the default setting. If the IIS reboots or web application restarts then session state is lost.
  • State-Server - In this mode of session, state is serialized and stored in a separate process (aspnet_state.exe), therefore, the state can be stored on a separate computer (a state server).
  • SQL Server - In this mode of session, state is serialized and stored in a SQL Server database.
Session state can be specified in <sessionState> element of application configuration file (web.config). Using state server and SQL Server session state can be shared across web forms but always remember this comes at speed cost as ASP.NET needs to serialize and deserialize data over network repeatedly.  

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Does session use cookies?
Yes, session use cookies. The session id value is stored in the browser client temp directory. This id is used to get the session data from the server in every post back.

Is Session_End event supported in all session modes?
Session_End event occurs only in In-proc mode. State-Server and SQL Server do not have Session_End event.

How can we kill a user session?

What is a session Id?

A session id is used to identify request from the browser. By default, value of SessionId is stored in a cookie. You can configure the application to store SessionId in the URL for a "cookieless" session.

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