Sample Resume Format for Software Developer


Sample Resume Format for Software Developer

Software Engineer Resume Sample .doc

This article demonstrates how to write a resume for a job example. A resume is a great way to advertising yourself and try to claim that you are the best choice for the employer. There are some major assets which you have to covered effectively in your resume. Find the list below:-
  • Qualification 
  • Experience
  • Achievement
  • Capabilities
  • Qualities 
You need to prepare your resume in such a way that it gives impression in first look that you are a perfect fit for the job you have applied. An employer hardly takes 15-20 seconds to make a decision about your interview call after looking at your resume. If your resume is well written then definitely you will be in the short-listed candidates does not matter you have required potential or not but you will get a interview call otherwise your resume will become a part of either recycle bin or dustbin. 
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In this article I will showcase step by step how to write a perfect sample resume for experienced software engineer, so follow the below steps:-

Step 1: Address Section
This section will be on top of your resume giving a detail about your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Keep this section left aligned and put a bold line separator line below to the section. For example :-

Nitin Kumar Singh
Noida, U.P.  - INDIA
Contact No: +91 9999999999
Email Id:

If you currently working in any organisation then you can specify your company name just below to your name as follows:-

Nitin Kumar Singh
Etechpulse India Pvt Ltd
Noida, U.P.  - INDIA
Contact No: +91 9999999999
Email Id:

Step 2: Summary Section
This section will start with a heading called Summary and followed by listing down your over-all experience, achievements, certifications and positive attributes etc. It is very similar to a movie trailer where editor keeps all great scenes from the movie and after watching that trailer you get excited to watch complete movie. If you are a fresh graduate then you should specify about your small but impressive projects you have done at university, highlight your achievements and project capabilities etc.

For example I have listed down few points about a Senior Software Engineer, in case this list can go from 2-3 bullet points to 8-10 points.

  • An Experienced Software Engineer graduated from UP Technical University and having 4 years of extensive experience in developing state-of-art software modules for telecom industry specializing with BSS & OSS.
  • Core expertise in rating and billing services related to 2G and 3G, 3G+ technologies including GSM, GPRS, VOIP, WiMax, V-SAT, VAS Services, and Leased Lines with various access technologies.
  • A Software Associate Analyst grown System Software Engineer having great experience with all the stages of SDLC including designing, developing, testing and rolling out complex telecom software's.
  • Result oriented, self driven, highly motivated, smart and hungry to learn new technologies, methodologies, strategies and processes.

Step 3: Education Detail Section
After given summary of your experience and achievements, so now let's start telling about education background.  There are many organizations who give lot of preference to your educational background. So it is important to tell about your academic records. You should put your highest degree on top and then lower qualifications at lower levels. 

It's very important to give information about your position, rank, percentage or grade along with degree or certification otherwise many employer would throw your resume in dustbin if don't give clear picture of your educational background. Lets see with an example how to put educational detail in your resume. 

  • B.Tech in Computer Science (2005) from UP Technical University with A+ grade.
  • B.Sc in Mathematics (2002) from CCS University with 58.20% marks
  • 10+2 with Maths, statistics (1999) from U.P. board with 65.20% marks
  • High School (1997) from U.P. board with 79.20% marks
  • Secured first position in statistics during B.Sc.
  • Gold medallist at 10+2 level due to highest rank in mathematics.
Note : If you have done various certifications and trainings then I would recommend to add a separate section for Training and Certifications just below to Educational Detail.

Step 4: Technical Skills Section
In the next section of your resume will present your technical skills. This section will start with telling your major skills on which you have good command. So list down all the skills first where you are fully confident and keep rest of the skills at lower levels. 

Let say you have good command over ASP.Net and C# but less experience in C and C++ so put and C# first then C and C++ later. Don't put any of the skill if you don't have any working experience on it.

Technical Skills
  • Programming Language: C#,, C and C++
  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows XP, Red Hat Linux 9.0
  • Tools & Technologies:, MVC, Entity Framework, LINQ
  • Databases: SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle
  • Protocols: SMTP, FTP, IMAP
  • Others: Socket Programming, Multi threading and SDLC, OOP, UML

Step 5: Projects Detail Section
Here comes the real story and this is really very important to show your all the projects and assignments. Reader should understand what exactly you have done in past. You have to be clear on what was your, organizations, year of the project, roles, responsibilities, value add, achievements on each and every project or position. You should also mention about what were the tools and technologies you have used during that project.

You will start with the most recent project and continue listing down all the projects till the oldest one. If you are a fresher and you have done only training project or thesis project then you can mention those projects along with your University projects in the same format. Here I will give examples of two projects:

Projects Detail

Library Information System [National Library, NY,USA ]
    • Duration: Mar 2005 - Jun 2005
    • Team Size: 3
    • Role Played: Developer and Tester
    • Skills Used: C#, Windows XP, SQL Server
This system simplifies day to day operation of a library which enables you to maintain library catalogue on electronic media and to keep a record of all the issued books in a particular day. Using this system, a user can generate a report of all the available books for a particular subject or ISBN and a report can be generated for all the issued books for a particular subject or ISBN.

Tiny Editor Implementation [Delhi University, Delhi, INDIA]
  • Duration: Jan 2005 - Feb 2005
  • Team Size: 1
  • Role Played: Designer, Developer and Tester
  • Skills UsedC#, SQL Server and Windows 7
This was a small but useful text file editor which enables you to edit any text files available on Linux System. Using this editor user can open new or an existing file in text mode and can update its content and then finally that file can be saved on hard disk.

Step 6: Strengths Section
After giving a complete detail of all the projects, now you can tell about your major strengths in the given format below:-

  • Good oral, written & presentation skills
  • A high tolerance of stress and enjoys responsibilities
  • Quick learner with good grasping ability
  • Action-oriented and result-focused
  • Lead & work as a team in an organized way
  • Great time management skill

Step 7: Personal Detail Section
This is the last but mandatory section of your resume but will provide all important information about you. Find the example below:-

Personal Detail
  • Date of Birth: 5th Sep 1987
  • Sex & Status: Male & Single
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Language Known: English, Hindi
  • Passport Number: A09_______ valid till 2018

Now you are done with creating a effective resume in your hand. You can download sample resume from here and you can modify this resume based on you experience, skills etc. In the end of this article I would recommend to go through the following value added tips into your resume:-
  • You can keep a small passport size photo at the top-right corner of the resume but this is not required (Optional).
  • Don't use various unnecessary formatting in your resume. Keep simple text as much as possible in your resume.
  • Don't include too many phone numbers, email addresses or addresses.
  • Don't prepare too big resume. It should be as precise as possible.
  • Always give a summary of the resume at the beginning.
  • Make sure the resume is neat, free of typing errors, and on plain white paper.
  • Never give a reason for leaving your previous job, your salary expectations, your current job challenges etc. It's better to leave such points to be discussed at the time of interview if required.

I hope you will enjoy the resume format sample while writing Resume template. I would like to have feedback from my blog readers. Your valuable feedback, question, or comments about this article are always welcome. Also If you like this article, don't forget to share this article with your friends and colleagues.
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