AngularJS Tutorial ASP.Net


AngularJS Tutorial ASP.Net

AngularJS Tutorial Basics

In this angularjs tutorial we will learn what is angularjs?, why angularjs and how to use angularjs in application.
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angularjs tutorial for beginners

What is AngularJs?

AngularJs is a MVVM framework that help to create MVC and Single Page Applications (SPA) and use to developed dynamic web apps. AngularJS will be maintained and developed by Google Inc. AngularJs supported to MVVM and stands for Model-View-Whatever. It's also known as MV*. [(*) means "whatever you want to do..."]

Advantages of Angularjs

There are following angularjs features :-
  • Less Coding
  • More Extensive UI
  • Two-way data binding
  • MVC pattern
  • Template and Custom directive
  • Server Communication and REST friendly
  • Dynamic page Linking
  • Validations
  • Dependency injection

The angular use prefix "ng" called Angular and It's for data binding using brackets {{}} and it handles all the DOM and AJAX Call easy ways.

Why AngularJs?
AngularJs is a framework not a library like jQuery etc. and it's not depend on jQuery. The angular use jqLite. The key reasons to use AngularJs as given below.
  • Supported to two way data binding
  • Write Less code
  • Scope inheritable
  • DOM manipulations
  • Using Partial Views
  • Easy to used Routes
  • Extensible declarative UI
  • Create custom directives very easy
  • Filters Flexibility
  • Supported to REST communication

How to use AngularJs?
Before You Start AngularJs, follow the easy steps. The steps as given bellows.

Step 1. Add a <script> tag pointing to angular.js file. You can manually download the AngularJs framework and configure at

Step 2. Need to add an ng-app attribute in your HTML
  • ng-App is an Angular directive,
  • The ng is short for Angular

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