What is MicroServices in .Net


What is MicroServices in .Net

In the previous articles, I have explained basic web service in asp.net and wcf basics. Now, in this article I will explain something about .Net Microservices framework.      

What is Micro Services?

Microservices is an architectural style in which complex applications are composed of small, independent processes communicating with each other using language-agnostic APIs. "A micro service is an isolated, loosely-coupled unit that works on a single concern."
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 Every micro service in a system :-
  • Runs in its own separate process.
  • Can be deployed on its own, independently of the other micro services.
  • Has its own dedicated data store.
  • Collaborates with other micro services to complete its own action.
Note: A micro service does not need to be written in the same programming  language  (C#,  Java etc.)  or  for  the  same  platform  (IIS,  Apache) as one it collaborates with.

Microservice Architecture Asp.Net

The term microservices can also used to describe an  architectural style for a whole system consisting of many microservices.  
  • Microservices as  an  architectural  style   is  a  lightweight  form  of Service  Oriented architecture where the services are very tightly focused on doing one thing each and doing it well. 
  • A system with a microservices architecture is a distributed system with a (probably large) number of collaborating microservices.
  • Microservices offer  a  number  of  potential  benefits  over  both  more traditional  service  oriented approaches  and  monolithic  architectures.
  • Microservices  – when  done  well – are flexible  and  scalable,  and  they allow  a  short  lead  time  from  the  start  of implementation to deployment in production.
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.net microservices architecture

Microservice Characteristics List

  • A microservice is responsible for one single capability
  • A microservice is individually deployable
  • A microservice should run in separate process
  • A microservice owns its own data store
  • A small team can maintain a handful of microservices
  • A microservice is replaceable.
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